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The Digital Institute for Early Parenthood (DIEP) is the first organisation in the world dedicated to improving early parenthood experiences through the presentation and promotion of outstanding international ART, RESEARCH and EDUCATION on all matters related to pregnancy, birth & new parenthood. Let us spread the word about your important work. Join our global network now.

DIEP devises, develops and delivers:

– a rolling ARTISTIC PROGRAMME of international art exhibitions, festivals, screenings and other events on a variety of themes relating to real 21st century early parenthood experiences, featuring autobiographical work by progressive artists of any gender and spanning visual, performance, literary, film & digital art;

– an independent RESEARCH PROGRAMME which addresses potential missing links in mainstream studies of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood experiences in partnership with RESEARCH ASSOCIATES and organisations from all over the world;

– a pioneering EDUCATION PROGRAMME consisting of study modules and workshops that utilise powerful works of art by its ASSOCIATE ARTISTS to encourage (future) doctors, other professionals and new parents to contemplate their role and responsibility in the outcome of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood experiences and the potential intergenerational consequences of their decisions.

In addition, DIEP is building the first INTERNATIONAL NETWORK in the world that brings together ACADEMICS, RESEARCHERS, OBSTETRICIANS, GYNAECOLOGISTS, MIDWIVES, DOULAS, PSYCHOLOGISTS, ARTISTS, JOURNALISTS and any other professionals whose work has a direct impact on new parents or parents-to-be. This GLOBAL NETWORK will make any relevant news, work, research, art and thoughts on 21st century early parenthood experiences accessible to anyone who shares DIEP‘s mission to improve 21st century early parenthood experiences.

DIEP would love to hear from you. Let us spread the word about your important work. Join our global network now.

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