Brood Film Fest

BFF Publicity Image July 2016

Brood Film Fest 2016 takes you on a journey through 21st century early parenthood via a specially curated screening of the works of 16 outstanding artists/filmmakers from around the world, created in response to their own very real experiences of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood in this approximately 90 minute curated screening.

Brood Film Fest 2016 is the first ever international short film festival dedicated to the subject of early parenthood. Works were selected by a judging panel including award-winning British film producer and parent rights advocate Nicky Bentham (Neon Films), Exeter Phoenix Digital director Jonas Hawkins and Brood Film Fest’s creative directors Mila Oshin and Kris Jager (Project AfterBirth,

Prof. Natalie S Loveless, Department of Art and Design, University of Alberta, Canada

“Fab night. A real honest look at the experience of early parenthood, pregnancy & birth.”
A. Dugmore, Hooe’s Yurts

“Stunning imagery, vivid personal responses. Inspired.”
C. Hayes, Writer & Theatre Director


Digital Institute for Early Parenthood’s own six week global online screening of Brood Film Fest 2016 has now closed. If you are interested in organising your own screening of Brood Film Fest 2016 for educational or other purposes please email Digital Institute for Early Parenthood offers a full screening service which can include a live introduction/talk by one of Brood Film Fest 2016’s creative directors or selected artists.


Alternatively, if you would like to watch any of the selected Brood Film Fest 2016 works separately or find out more about the artists behind them, please see the list below with links to each selected artist’s DIEP Associate Artist profile page:

Alison O’Neill (UK)

Byron Karabatsos (USA)

Debbie Lee (UK)

Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen (Denmark)

Drunk With Joy (UK)

Jana Kasalová (Czech Republic)

Jennifer Hardacker (USA)

Kristen Palana (Myanmar)

Lu Heintz (USA)

Magdalena Blom (Sweden)

Megan Wynne (USA)

Michele Jaquis & Jeremy J. Quinn (USA)

Sarah Sudhoff (USA)

Sasha Waters Freyer (USA)

Shoshana Rosenbaum (USA)

Townley & Bradby (UK)