Associate Artists

Work made or written by artists during pregnancy or in their child(ren)’s early years about their new parenthood experiences, uniquely documents a period in life that is at once the most intensely felt and yet the least likely to be accurately captured by long-term memory. This is why DIEP places progressive works of art and literature at the centre of all its research and other projects.

Members of DIEP‘s Associate Artists Programme are all professional contemporary artists who have made important work in response to their own pregnancy, birth and/or new parenthood journeys. They are based all over the world and their work spans the visual, performing, literary, film and digital disciplines.


All members of DIEP‘s Associate Artists Programme are:

given a DIEP accreditation logo for their website and other communications;
represented on DIEP‘s website with their own profile page;
entitled to unlimited submissions for all of DIEP‘s open Calls for Artists;
considered for inclusion in other curated activities, exhibitions and events initiated by DIEP;
promoted to independent researchers, academics, curators and arts professionals all over the world;
matched to relevant jobs, projects, research, funding and other opportunities offered by DIEP, its partners and other relevant organisations part of DIEP‘s international network;
presented to worldwide audiences through DIEP‘s and its partners’ newsfeeds, mailing lists, social media channels and websites.


There are two ways in which you can apply to become a member of DIEP’s Associate Artists scheme.

1) Submit work to one of DIEP’s open Calls for Artists.
You automatically become a member of DIEP’s Associate Artists scheme if your work is work(s) selected for a DIEP exhibition, screening, showcase, research project and/or other activity. Please click the DIEP Programme tab or DIEP Opportunities tab above for current and up-and-coming Calls for Submissions and other opportunities.

2) Apply any time by downloading and completing the form via the link below: