DIEP Mission

Happy parents make for happy children, right?

At DIEP we wholeheartedly believe that the future of our children depends on how well their parents are looked after from the moment they are conceived.

At DIEP we therefore strive to connect those who share a professional responsibility for new parents’ wellbeing, such as members of governments, medical establishments, educational institutions, the media and advertising industry, and help them make sure they PRIORITISE the PROSPERITY of PARENTHOOD, with every step, at every level and in every decision.

At DIEP we aim to do so by devising, developing and delivering:

Our study modules, workshops, presentations and talks combine robust research and outstanding international works of art to help GPs, Ob/Gyns, midwives and other medical and (mental) health professionals understand their wider role and responsibility in relation to the outcomes of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood experiences;

Through digital exhibitions, festivals, screenings and other events we aim to bring powerful autobiographical works of visual, performance, literary, film and digital art about real 21st century pregnancy, birth and new parenthood experiences to the attention of global audiences, therefore dispelling myths, breaking through taboos and changing the face of real parenthood;

In partnership with inter/national research associates and education centres we aim to identify, explore and highlight potential missing links in mainstream studies and policies relating to 21st century pregnancy, birth and new parenthood experiences and promote those academics and independent researchers whose work directly and effectively addresses one or more aspects of these;

We continue to build on our unique network of academics, researchers, obstetricians, gynaecologists, midwives, doulas, psychologists, therapists, artists, journalists and other professionals whose work has a direct impact on new parents or parents-to-be, with the aim to spread the word as widely and effectively as possible about any news, work, research, art and thoughts related to our mission to improve the 21st century early parenthood experience.

DIEP would love to hear from you. Let us spread the word about your important work. Join our global network now.

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