Colleges and Secondary Schools


Using outstanding works of art, as well as media, cultural and business studies, this accessible art and education workshop aims to raise awareness among college students and senior secondary school pupils about all aspects of becoming a parent in the 21st century  Our aim is to eventually get these parenthood studies integrated in the general PSHE curriculum.

Some feedback so far:

“I had my doubts about the subject matter, but I was really impressed with the depth and clarity of work”

“I went on a schooltrip to the Tate in London last week and all I can say is that I enjoyed this a lot more”
(Male student, age 16)

“It has changed my view on parenthood and how everyone has different views”
(Female student, age 16)

“I liked how women and men were proud to express their feelings about pregnancy”
(Male student,age 16)

“Very educational how it shows life as parents”
(Female student, age 17)

“It was really cool and different”
(Male student, age 17)

If you would like DIEP to come to your school to introduce THE ART OF PARENTHOOD, please email for more information