'The New Man'; a new film by DIEP Associate Artists Josh Appignanesi and Devorah Baum


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**** The Observer

Those of you who follow DIEP on social media will know that we are slightly obsessed with this groundbreaking new film, The New Man. We’re not the only ones. The UK media has given it rave reviews across the board, already making...Read More »

Become an Associate Artist of DIEP

Work made or written by artists during pregnancy or in their child(ren)’s early years about their new parenthood experiences, uniquely documents a period in life that is at once the most intensely felt and yet the least likely to be accurately captured by long-term memory. This is why DIEP places...Read More »

'ISIS, Art and Fatherhood'; a DIEP talk by Lebanon based British painter Chris Anthem

This inspiring new artist talk by Lebanon based British painter (and DIEP Associate Artist) Chris Anthem gives a unique insight into how the combined impact of new parenthood and living in a warzone transformed this artist’s practice, while providing an illustrated history of his stunning work so far. Please click on...Read More »

Wanted: Associate Researchers

DIEP is developing an independent Research Programme to address various potential missing links in existing studies of early parenthood. If you are an academic or independent researcher and feel your work or ideas fit in with and/or contribute significantly to DIEP‘s objectives, you may want to apply to become one...Read More »