Performing Parenthood

Performing Parenthood text Aug 16

Performing Parenthood takes you on a journey through 21st century early parenthood via the work of 12 outstanding international performance artists and companies, created in response to their own very real experiences…


Curated mostly from submissions following an international open call, Performing Parenthood is the first performing arts festival in the world dedicated to the subject of of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood and provides a unique opportunity for professional performing artists who have become parents in recent years to showcase work to global audiences.


Some of the works in Performing Parenthood are finished pieces that have already been touring, others are scratch performances and/or sketches of original and engaging ideas. All works in Performing Parenthood powerfully express and expose important aspects of real early parenthood experiences that are often ignored, taboo or misrepresented in popular culture such as the personal and professional implications of pregnancy, post-natal depression, child-rearing and domesticity.


The selection panel for Performing Parenthood included Charlotte Vincent (artistic director/choreographer of Vincent Dance Theatre); Anna Ehnhold-Danailov (director of Prams in the Hall and PiPA Campaign); Mila Oshin (creative director of Performing Parenthood and co-founding director of Project AfterBirth and DIEP) and Dr Christopher Lewis (co-founding director of DIEP).



Digital Institute for Early Parenthood’s global online screening of Performing Parenthood 2017 has now closed. If you are interested in organising your own screening of Performing Parenthood for educational or other purposes please email Digital Institute for Early Parenthood offers a full screening service which can include a live introduction/talk by one of Performing Parenthood’s creative directors or selected artists.

However, if you would like to watch any of the performances again or find out more about the artists behind them, there is a list of all artists’ names at the bottom of this page with links to their individual profile pages.


Lizzie Philps (UK)
Rachel Jane Dean (UK)
Yvonne Montoya (USA)
Liz Hart (UK)
Elizabeth Wurst (Germany/Peru)
Beatrice Jarvis (Ireland)
Sophie Cero (UK)
Fiammetta Horvat (UK/France)
Courtney Kessel (USA)
Csilla Nagy (Hungary)
Joanna Rosenfeld (UK)
Muffie Connelly (USA)