Fiammetta Horvat



Fiammetta Horvat (UK/France)
Mystery Dough (2014)
Stop Motion Video Performance


“Seven years ago I fell pregnant and inevitably the transformation of my body began. I experienced motherhood as the ultimate transformation and birth as the ultimate rite of passage. I had entered the state of creator in its most natural, primitive and mysterious form.

The insemination of life takes as many interpretations as there are civilisations: animal shapes, divine shapes, abstract shapes inhabit creation myths.

I undertook to look closely at the most surprising transformations of all, the distortion of a body to give life. It is the most ancient search in humanity; its mysteries are at the roots of all legends and rituals.

I am reading my transformed body as a key to understand the mythological and social initiations that all cultures have cultivated. I translate these birth cycles into images.

With the powdered flesh, the growth from within and the multiple self, Mystery Dough evokes the ancient rites of initiation of Eleusis and baking, which often refers to birth.”

Fiammetta Horvat graduated in Theatre Design at the Central School of Speech and Drama, London. She is a bookmaker, illustrator and animator and has worked across Europe as a theatre designer.