DIEP Research

Many researchers work and publish in relative isolation, engaging small academic or other niche circles only, and often within the boundaries of their own countries.

Much progressive work and thought on pregnancy, birth and new parenthood experiences therefore often remains invisible and inaccessible to those would may benefit from it most, such as parents (to be) themselves and those medical or other professionals in charge of their well-being.

This is why DIEP develops and delivers an:

Independent Research Programme

DIEP‘s independent research programme aims to address potential missing links in mainstream studies of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood experiences.
We are very interested to hear from academics or independent researchers whose work underpins, adds to or challenges aspects of DIEP’s areas of focus as outlined below. Please note...Read More »

Research Associates Scheme

DIEP grey V2 Research Appl Frm

DIEP is developing an independent Research Programme to address various potential missing links in existing studies of early parenthood. If you are an academic or independent researcher and feel your work or ideas fit in with and/or contribute significantly to DIEP‘s objectives, you may want to apply to become one...Read More »