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‘The New Man’; a new film by DIEP Associate Artists Josh Appignanesi and Devorah Baum


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Those of you who follow DIEP on social media will know that we are slightly obsessed with this groundbreaking new film, The New Man. We’re not the only ones. The UK media has given it rave reviews across the board, already making it the critically most well-received feature film on the subject of early parenthood ever.

So no wonder we are extremely proud that The New Man’s acclaimed directors Josh Appignanesi and Devorah Baum are Associate Artists of DIEP. And that DIEP hosted the exclusive public premiere of The New Man trailer during our launch of Brood Film Fest 2016 last month. And that Josh and Devorah created a special video message for DIEP about The New Man, which you can watch below as a taster.

The New Man is a very moving, honest and intimate portrait of Josh and Devorah’s own parenthood journey, from IVF, through pregnancy, into unforeseen medical and personal complications. It includes brilliant and often very funny guest appearances by Slavoj Zizek, Zadie Smith, John Berger, Antony Gormley, Hisham Matar, Darian Leader and David Schneider, and one of its executive producers is David Baddiel.

“What happens when hardworking dual-career couples leave children way too late, and turn to risky IVF in their droves, yet have no idea what that really entails? What happens when late-maturing guys, under pressure to be ‘sensitive’, find they’re envious of their wives’ success, and completely unprepared for fatherhood… yet never discuss it?”

The New Man is on the big screen in various UK cities now, but you can also get hold of it online via The New Man Movie website .

Below is Josh Appignanesi and Devorah Baum’s lovely personal address to DIEP and Brood Film Fest about The New Man. To watch the actual trailer and find out more details about London and other screenings just go to https://www.picturehouses.com/cinema/Picturehouse_Central/film/the-new-man.

Enjoy this unique film and don’t forget to tweet, post or email us your thoughts!