Marilyn Kyle

© Marilyn Kyle, 'The Mending', 2013,

Marilyn Kyle (UK, Surrey)
The Mending (2013)
Cast porcelain with on glaze artist made transfers, found objects


As an artist, rooted in printmaking, I use a variety of media and processes dependent upon the needs of the work in hand. This includes traditional processes (e.g. print and ceramics) and newer technologies (such as laser and hard surface printing) which I often combine in order to ‘stretch’ possibilities. I make objects as well as installation pieces, and continue to produce prints. The objects I make are often visually enticing but, on closer inspection, contradictions emerge: a child’s delicate dress is torn, or, as in The Mending, a baby doll is incomplete or damaged.

The Mending sits within a body of work that deals with unrealised and often unvoiced hopes and expectations that come with parenthood. It focuses on the not-perfect child, the one who may not succeed at school, have friends, a partner, children; the one who has or develops mental health problems, addictions or who later commits crimes. All issues that tend not to be considered until they arrive, they do not differentiate between ‘natural’ and adopted children.

The work relates to my own parenthood experience with my adopted son who was 3 weeks old when he came to us. His then undiagnosed ASD has brought with it unexpected frustrations, difficulties, anguish and joy.

Marilyn Kyle has an MA in Fine Art and Print from Wimbledon College of Art. Her work is exhibited widely in the UK and is held in collections in the UK, EU and USA.