Rocio Saenz

© Rocio Saenz, 'Dreaming About A Killer Dog', 2015, DIEP

Rocío Sáenz (México)
Dreaming About A Killer Dog (2015)
Mixed media on digital print on canvas


“The superposition of incoherent and hilarious elements within my work is a continuous fusion required to express The Quotidian Chaos. My drawing, besides becoming an intimate vengeance, works as a way to express existence itself and, at the same time, is a dialogue with the observer.

One of my main interests with my current work is to continuously establish contact with the ‘other’, creating dialogues or visual metaphors that first explain a rapprochement with the exterior by way of intimate conversation (artist’s book) and then become a public voice in some way.

Since the arrival of my daughter four years ago my work has been transformed through interventions that she was creating in my drawings and paintings.

This specific piece is part of an artist book of 150 drawings. It is an exercise in which Bea (my daughter) and I watched the movie Wallace and Gromit, whilst shifting colours and interpreting the short film in the drawing. From this moment on, this process became a constant in my work, which I continued in a series called ‘Libros Puente’.”

Rocío Sáenz studied engraving at the Academy of Fine Art in Florence and obtained an MA in Visual Art at National University of Cuba. Her works have been exhibited across South, Central and North America and Europe.