Ana Alvarez-Errecalde

El nacimiento de mi hija Ana Alvarez-Errecalde (2)

Ana Alvarez-Errecalde (Barcelona, Spain)
Birth of my Daughter (2005)
Analogue colour photography


“Themes that are inspired by my personal experiences such as vital cycles, birth, motherhood, illness, immigration, aging and death are found throughout my body of work. I create images that become a document of our love, our fears and our conquests.

My artwork is a contemporary social commentary through which I endeavour to challenge the restricted unilateral stories that have been told and reinforced as a way of normalizing fear and submissive roles. I cherish plurality and my way of doing so is to contribute images and testimonies that expand perspective within the constricted existing imagery.

Within a common experience like expecting a child or the passing away of a parent, we may find transcendental truth. Art has the potential of transmitting emotions that confront our social numbness with something that is authentic, substantial and profound.”

Ana Álvarez-Errecalde is an Argentinian born artist, based in Barcelona. Her photographic works are exhibited and published worldwide and delve into personal experiences such as vital cycles, immigration and motherhood, and/or are critical of our unsatisfied consumerist society.