• Yvonne Montoya

    PERFORMING PARENTHOOD 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Yvonne Montoya (USA, Arizona) Caroline’s Story: Le beau plus jour de ma vie (2012) Filmed Dance Performance ARTIST STATEMENT: “This dance piece was inspired by my struggles with post-partum depression after the birth of my …..

  • Megan Wynne

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Megan Wynne (USA, Virginia) My Puppet (2014) and Her Puppet (2014) Short Films ARTIST STATEMENT: “I use myself and my children in my work to examine the complex and contradictory nature of motherhood and …..

  • Byron Karabatsos

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Byron Karabatsos One Half of One MM (USA, 2013) Short Film (Documentary) ARTIST STATEMENT: “On your own. That’s what I said when I cut the umbilical cord. Now I know that a vital part …..

  • Shoshana Rosenbaum

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Shoshana Rosenbaum (USA, Washington D.C.) The Goblin Baby (2014) Short Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “In early parenthood, my husband travelled a lot. Late one night, I was downstairs doing the dishes. The old house was …..

  • Michele Jaquis & Jeremy J Quinn

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Michele Jaquis & Jeremy J. Quinn (USA, California) Negotiations (2016) Short Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “Through my artistic practice I examine ways in which people relate to and communicate with each other, and the conflicts …..

  • Jennifer Hardacker

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Jennifer Hardacker (USA, Oregon) For Summers To Come (2004) Short Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “This work is an exploration of the concept of ‘childhood memories’ and, in particular, how their dependency on visual records such …..

  • Lu Heintz

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Lu Heintz (USA, Rhode Island) Learning To Letter, Tandem, Lead/Follow (2014) Three Short Films ARTIST STATEMENT: “My work is personal, but it is not necessarily about me. The personal is a conceptual realm I …..

  • Sarah Sudhoff

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Sarah Sudhoff (USA, Texas) Surrender (2013) Short Film (documentation of a private performance) ARTIST STATEMENT: “Over the last ten years my work has consistently interwoven themes of gender, science, and personal experience. I am …..

  • Sasha Waters Freyer

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Sasha Waters Freyer (USA, Virginia) You Can See the Sun in Late December (2010) Short Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “A reflection on winter light and maternity. Feeling isolated at home with a small child and …..

  • Sarah Irvin

    Sarah Irvin (USA, Virginia) Rocking Chair Series (2014/15) Graphite on paper ARTIST STATEMENT: My practice exists within the context of motherhood as a lived experience and social construct. By responding to the biological act of bearing an infant and the …..