• Georgina Talfana

    Georgina Talfana (UK, Surrey) Two sided Pregnancy (2017) Rotring pen and graphite on cartridge ARTIST STATEMENT: “I am 4 months pregnant and my work explores the paradox of being really happy to be pregnant and on the other hand feeling …..

  • Lizzie Philps

    PERFORMING PARENTHOOD 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Lizzie Philps (UK, Bristol) Maternity Leaves (2013) Film/Walking Performance ARTIST STATEMENT: “Maternity Leaves records my exploration of the visceral and performative intersections between walking documentation and maternal ambivalence during the first year of my daughter’s …..

  • Fiammetta Horvat

    PERFORMING PARENTHOOD 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Fiammetta Horvat (UK/France) Mystery Dough (2014) Stop Motion Video Performance ARTIST STATEMENT: “Seven years ago I fell pregnant and inevitably the transformation of my body began. I experienced motherhood as the ultimate transformation and birth …..

  • Liz Hart

    PERFORMING PARENTHOOD 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Liz Hart (UK, Gloucestershire) Mummy Monster (2016) Filmed Theatre Performance/Live Art ARTIST STATEMENT: “Mummy Monster began it’s life whilst I was spending long hours at home caring for my young family. I was interested in …..

  • Sophie Cero

    PERFORMING PARENTHOOD 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Sophie Cero (UK, Northamptonshire) Manual Labour (wipe) (2016) Performance Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “As part of a series of eight films embedded in the perfectly white walls of Still Life’s gallery/house, Manual Labours (wipe) offers an …..

  • Rachel Jane Dean

    PERFORMING PARENTHOOD 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Rachel Jane Dean (UK, Leeds) Nativity (2014) Filmed Performance ARTIST STATEMENT: “Nativity came out of my fascination with the enduring power of the myth and magic of the Virgin Mary. I worked with film maker …..

  • Josh Appignanesi & Devorah Baum

    Josh Appignanesi & Devorah Baum (UK, London) The New Man (2016) Feature Film The New Man is a ground-breaking new feature film by acclaimed British director Josh Appignanesi and his wife, lecturer and author Devorah Baum, about their own very …..

  • Townley & Bradby

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Townley & Bradby (UK, Norfolk) Between Waking and Sleeping (2014) Short Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “Since 2010 the sites we have been responding to as an artist duo are the physical spaces of our family …..

  • Drunk With Joy

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Drunk With Joy (UK, Devon) Grow (2016) Short Film (Music Video) ARTIST STATEMENT: “Like so many artists, we expected parenthood to have an impact on our time and finances, but we never could have …..

  • Trish Morrissey

    Trish Morrissey (UK, Bristol) Ave Maria Karaoke (2010) Video ARTIST STATEMENT: In Ave Maria Karaoke, I sing the Ave Maria hymn into an imaginary microphone in the style of a drunken woman performing a torch song. It was shortly before …..

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