Sasha Waters Freyer

© Sasha Waters Freyer, 'You Can See The Sun In Late December', 2010, DIEP


Sasha Waters Freyer (USA, Virginia)
You Can See the Sun in Late December (2010)
Short Film


“A reflection on winter light and maternity. Feeling isolated at home with a small child and an infant, I assigned myself the task of filming, in 16mm and/or HD video, every single day of the month, during an icy cold December in Iowa.

You Can See the Sun in Late December is the third film in a series of experimental shorts about motherhood that use language (often as on-screen text), original and found/archival footage. These films explore the relationship between the real world and internal and external psychic representations of the real. I am interested in mining the tension between the subjective, lived experience of women and mothers – our interior lives of fantasy and projection – and reality as refracted through our media-dense world.

Becoming a mother made me understand literally what scholar Julia Lesage describes as ‘women’s fragmented consciousness’ – why are my keys in the freezer? I am too tired to be driving this car – and led me to understand how mothers, too, are Outsiders, outside of the sphere of representation in our culture. Mothers are Object and Other, only seen from a child’s point of view, or in the bulls-eye of commerce.”

Sasha Waters Freyer’s non-fiction films have been screened in festivals around the world. She is the Chair of the Department of Photography & Film at Virginia Commonwealth University, the number one public art school in the USA.