• Rachel Jane Dean

    PERFORMING PARENTHOOD 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Rachel Jane Dean (UK, Leeds) Nativity (2014) Filmed Performance ARTIST STATEMENT: “Nativity came out of my fascination with the enduring power of the myth and magic of the Virgin Mary. I worked with film maker …..

  • Josh Appignanesi & Devorah Baum

    Josh Appignanesi & Devorah Baum (UK, London) The New Man (2016) Feature Film The New Man is a ground-breaking new feature film by acclaimed British director Josh Appignanesi and his wife, lecturer and author Devorah Baum, about their own very …..

  • Ruchika Wason Singh

    Ruchika Wason Singh (India) Womb Bloom I (2004) Graphite (on handmade Indian paper) ARTIST STATEMENT: “Womb Bloom I is part of Transit Spaces, a project which I began in 2002 and which focuses on the expression of maternal embodiment. The …..

  • Townley & Bradby

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Townley & Bradby (UK, Norfolk) Between Waking and Sleeping (2014) Short Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “Since 2010 the sites we have been responding to as an artist duo are the physical spaces of our family …..

  • Kristen Palana

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Kristen Palana (Myanmar) This Too Shall Pass (2014) Short Film (Animation) ARTIST STATEMENT: “Is it possible to be simultaneously ecstatic and miserable? Will this moment ever end? How I wish it would last forever. …..

  • Megan Wynne

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Megan Wynne (USA, Virginia) My Puppet (2014) and Her Puppet (2014) Short Films ARTIST STATEMENT: “I use myself and my children in my work to examine the complex and contradictory nature of motherhood and …..

  • Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen (Denmark) Vagina Eating Husband (2015/16) Short Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “This work deals with issues concerning pregnancy, reproduction and parenthood in a grotesque and mythological way. The text works as the voice …..

  • Byron Karabatsos

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Byron Karabatsos One Half of One MM (USA, 2013) Short Film (Documentary) ARTIST STATEMENT: “On your own. That’s what I said when I cut the umbilical cord. Now I know that a vital part …..

  • Shoshana Rosenbaum

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Shoshana Rosenbaum (USA, Washington D.C.) The Goblin Baby (2014) Short Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “In early parenthood, my husband travelled a lot. Late one night, I was downstairs doing the dishes. The old house was …..

  • Magdalena Blom

    BROOD FILM FEST 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Magdalena Blom (Sweden) A Child/Ett Barn (2015/16) Short Film ARTIST STATEMENT: “A Child is a short film investigating the dual aspect of the state of the foetus being pure and unaffected yet easily impressionable. …..