Georgina Talfana

Double sided pregnancy

Georgina Talfana (UK, Surrey)
Two sided Pregnancy (2017)
Rotring pen and graphite on cartridge


“I am 4 months pregnant and my work explores the paradox of being really happy to be pregnant and on the other hand feeling really uncomfortable in my body. The emotions that I endured during my first trimester were something quite unexpected. As a healthy and fit 40 year old, I didn’t expect to be vomiting all day and falling asleep after lunch despite having already had 10 hours sleep. Often I have felt guilty for feeling so frustrated, when all I want to feel is the love I have for my unborn child.

Through my art practice I am coming to terms with my body that changes daily without my permission. Whilst it was my choice to become pregnant I feel that my body has taken over my figure that I previously controlled by healthy eating and drinking. By observing my body in the mirror and drawing it, I feel more at ease and informed about what it happening and by layering 2 drawings I am representing both sides of my feelings. This project is also an attempt to record my pregnant body before it becomes a memory and the act of drawing is prevalent in the image by showing the sketchbook and my expression of me earnestly observing and recording my reflection.

I feel that the first trimester is an important time to share our feelings when we often do not speak of our pregnancy to friends and family until our baby has survived the first 12 weeks. You do not have your first visit with the midwife until you are 10 weeks and you are not allowed to go to yoga classes, have a spa, a massage or use aromatherapy oils – all the things that previously promoted well-being.”

Georgina Talfana is an artist, graphic designer and teacher. In 2016 she gained an MA in Drawing at the Wimbledon College of Art. She has exhibited across the UK.