Alison O’Neill

© Alison O'Neill, 'Punctures', 2015,


Alison O’Neill (UK, Cambridge)
Punctures (2015)
Short Film


“I work in video and installation, using my own experiences and memories to examine shifting maternal subjectivities and power structures.

Punctures consists of two videos presented side by side, one after the other, each accompanied by a spoken text. The first video shows footage of Helston Flora Day with a spoken text detailing remembered thoughts and experiences of my miscarriage. The second video shows an image of me with my son which fades over the course of a spoken text describing my experiences in hospital after the birth of my son.

These are the two moments or punctures where my subjectivity began to shift. I became aware of others perceptions and judgements of me which challenged and destabilised my sense of self. I became an Other. These punctures in subjectivity that occur within specific power structures, result in a fissure in the mother’s sense of self. It is this fissure that I am interrogating.

Punctures is part of an ongoing series examining maternal subjectivity.”

Alison O’Neill is an artist and researcher. She completed an MA in Feminist Theory and Practice in the Visual Arts at University of Leeds and a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Falmouth College of Arts.

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